Bathroom copper accessories manufacturers teach you how to choose bathroom accessories

2021-01-12 1885

1. Look at the supporting facilities. It should be matched with the overall tone of the self-made bathroom three piece set (bathtub, toilet and basin), and also with the appearance of the faucet and its coating treatment. At present, in addition to plastic plating, polished copper and chromium plating are mostly used for the coating on the frame of bathroom accessories.

2. Look at the raw materials. There are not only copper plated plastic products, but also more chromium plated products. Among them, titanium alloy products are the highest, followed by copper chromium products, stainless steel chromium products, aluminum alloy chromium products, iron chromium products, etc.


3. Look at the coating. In the chromium plating products, the coating of popular products is 20 microns thick, and the raw materials inside are easy to be oxidized by the atmosphere. However, the copper chromium plating that singers pay attention to is 28 microns thick, with careful layout, uniform plating and good results.

4. Look at the application. Most of the imported products are chrome plated titanium alloy and copper, with bright color, delicate and durable, but the price is relatively high. Now some joint-stock brands and domestic brands of copper chromium plating are cheaper, while stainless steel chromium plating products are cheaper.

Article source: Jiangmen bathroom copper accessories

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