What are the advantages and disadvantages of different materials of bathroom accessories?

2021-01-12 1832

Like bathtub, toilet, bathroom cabinet, etc., these belong to the large bathroom hardware, not accessories. There are a lot of hardware in the bathroom. Apart from those mentioned just now, what else are there? Common bathroom hardware accessories include downcomer, hose, angle valve, shower, faucet, floor drain, towel rack / hook ring, bathroom mirror, etc. According to the raw materials, these common hardware accessories can be divided into stainless steel raw materials, hollow copper chromium plating, all copper solid chromium plating, aluminum gold raw materials. Different raw materials have different advantages and disadvantages. A clear understanding of these materials will help you to buy the accessories you like

1. Stainless steel raw materials: ① advantages: wear resistance, and not easy to rust; ② defects: simple style, not so exquisite workmanship, relatively general.

2. Hollow copper chromium plating: ① advantages: rich style, more affordable; ② defects: easy to wear and deformation.


3. All copper solid chromium plating: ① advantages: fine process, thicker plating layer, more durable; ② defects: single style, more expensive.

4. Aluminum alloy raw materials: ① advantages: wear resistance, light weight and durability; ② defects: appearance changes after long use, which may cause blackening.

Among these common raw materials, copper is better. With pure copper casting bathroom hardware accessories, its structure is tight, put in the palm to weigh, feel will be heavier than similar products, feel thick, but also more durable.

Article source: Jiangmen bathroom copper accessories http://www.jmyilin.com/

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